Workshop - Northern Lights on Food II, June 9-11 2021

from Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (12:00) to Friday, 11 June 2021 (15:00)
Online (on Zoom)

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9 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021
Session 3 - Session chair: Milena Corredig (Aarhus University) (until 10:20) (on Zoom)
09:00 Keynote talk - Structure and rheology of stimuli responsive nanocellulose interfacial layers - Prof. Peter Fischer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)   (on Zoom)
09:40 Contr. talk - Towards Correlative X-Ray Tomographic Imaging Of Membranes For Improving Food Processing - Mr. Gregor Rudolph (Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University) Dr. Emanuel Larsson (Division of Solid Mechanics & LUNARC, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University)   (on Zoom)
10:00 Contr. talk - Understanding gelation of gluten proteins thanks to neutron and X-ray scattering - Dr. Laurence Ramos   (on Zoom)
10:20 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 4 - National Funding for Pilot Projects - Session chairs: Lars Nilsson (Lund University) and Maud Langton (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) (until 12:15) (on Zoom)
10:40 Francisco Vilaplana - KTH - Hemicelluloses: Molecular structure, assembly in plant cell walls and food applications   (on Zoom)
11:00 Sisse Marquina-Jonberg - Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark   (on Zoom)
11:20 Maria Öhman – Vinnova   (on Zoom)
11:40 Application and Science Pitch   (on Zoom)
Session 6 - Session chair: Anna Ström (Chalmers) (until 10:50) (on Zoom)
09:00 Keynote talk - Structuring foods by proteins and their supramolecular aggregates: the critical role of complementary techniques to observe structure dynamics in relevant environments. - Prof. Milena Corredig (Aarhus University, Denmark)   (on Zoom)
09:40 Keynote talk - The hidden structures of the processed plant foods - Dr. Ramune Kuktaite (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)   (on Zoom)
10:10 --- Coffee Break ---
10:30 Contr. talk - What neutrons tell us about meat analogues - Dr. Wim Bouwman (Delft University of Technology,)   (on Zoom)
10:50 Closing remarks and future outlook – Niklas Lorén (RISE) & Anna Ström (Chalmers)   (on Zoom)
13:00 Welcome by the vice chancellor of Lund University Prof Erik Renström   (on Zoom)
Session 1 - Session chair: Tommy Nylander (Lund University) & Selma Maric (MAX IV) (until 15:10) (on Zoom)
13:10 Keynote talk - Aurora Australis to Northern Lights - shining light on milk and infant formula during digestion - Prof. Benjamin Boyd (Monash University)   (on Zoom)
13:50 Keynote talk - The potential of small angle scattering to study the structure of polysaccharide-based gels - Dr. Marta Martínez Sanz (CIAL-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)   (on Zoom)
14:20 Keynote talk - Plant Forward: How unlocking Nature’s toolbox is fuelling our innovations - Prof. Krassimir Velikov (Unilever, The Netherlands )   (on Zoom)
14:50 Contr. talk - Study on Bending of Laminar Packaging Material from Tetra Pak - Behnaz Pirzamanbein (Technical University of Denmark (DTU) & Lund University)   (on Zoom)
15:10 --- Coffee Break and Virtual Mingle ---
Session 2 - Session chair: Jacob J.K Kirkensgaard (KU) (until 17:00) (on Zoom)
15:20 Keynote talk - Structuring Oils via Enzymatic Glycerolysis - Prof. Alejandro Marangoni (University of Guelph, Canada)   (on Zoom)
16:00 Contr. talk - Comparative X-ray microtomography and SEM to investigate the encapsulating matrix of freeze-dried probiotics - Shuai Bai (Lunds universitet)   (on Zoom)
16:20 Contr. talk - Dephosphorylation of the casein micelle - Mrs. Thea Lykkegaard Møller (Department of Food Science, Aarhus University)   (on Zoom)
16:40 Contr. talk - Towards tabletop 4D imaging of low-density food products using x-ray phase contrast - William Twengström (Exciscope AB)   (on Zoom)
17:00 --- Short Break ---
17:10 Student speed dating - Session chair Milena Corredig & Thea Lykkegaard Møller (Aarhus University)   (on Zoom)
12:15 --- Lunch ---
Session 5 - Fully exploiting MAX IV and ESS for the future of food research in Europe – European Food Laboratory - Session chairs: Emma Nordell (LU Innovation) & Niklas Loren (RISE) (until 16:00) (on Zoom)
13:00 RISE - Enlight industrial food research questions with xray and neutron techniques - Niklas Lorén (RISE / Chalmers)   (on Zoom)
13:30 NIZO, the Netherlands - Title: Neutron scattering and food science: results and ideas - Hans Tromp (NIZO, The Netherlands)   (on Zoom)
14:00 Arla Foods, Denmark - Scale of the Problem - Peter L. Wejse (Arla, Denmark)   (on Zoom)
14:30 --- Coffee Break ---
14:45 Panel discussion   (on Zoom)
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