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Welcome to the LINXS Guest Seminar with Nicolo Dell'Unto

When: Feb 13, 15:00 - 16.30
Where: at LINXS (Scheelvägen 19, Lund), with digital connection possibility (Zoom)
Registration deadline: February 6, at 12:00


Over the past two decades, visualisation and recording technologies have significantly impacted how scholars perceive and interact with archaeological information. In particular, introducing new visualisation techniques and devices has allowed researchers to experience new ways of simulating the past, creating the conditions for discussing new theoretical frameworks and addressing further research questions. Although archaeologists and heritage professionals are only beginning to realise the potential of these applications in the heritage sector, experiments in 3D visualisation have demonstrated how three-dimensional data can provide heritage practitioners with more efficient tools for analysing and interpreting the past.

This talk will discuss the potential, limitations and future developments of 3D visualisation systems as a medium for analysing and discussing archaeological interpretation.


Nicoló Dell’Unto is Professor in Archaeology and the scientific coordinator for the Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory DARKLab.  Dell’Unto studied archaeology at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. He obtained a PhD in technologies and management of cultural heritage at the Institute for Advanced Studies, IMT Lucca, Italy. He also worked as a post-doc and lecturer at the University of California Merced.  Since August 2019, he has been visiting Professor at the Department of Collection Management at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Programme Agenda

The detailed agenda is in the LINXS website LINXS Guest Seminar - Nicolo Dell'Unto - LINXS



LINXS at Ideon Delta 5
5-5-1 - Main Seminar Room
The workshop will also be available online

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