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Welcome to the LINXS Guest Seminar with Robert McGreevy.

When: Dec 2, 14:00 - 16.00
Where: at LINXS (Scheelvägen 19, Lund), with digital connection possibility (Zoom)
Registration deadline:  November 21, at 12:00


Large synchrotron and neutron facilities, particularly ‘next generation’ sources such as MAX IV and ESS, are producing increasingly large volumes of data. They are also increasingly expensive to build and operate – both financially and in terms of carbon footprint. All of the impact of such facilities arises from exploitation of their data, so it therefore seems obvious that they need to maximise the value that is obtained from it. We have long ago passed the point where the entire responsibility for exploitation could be passed on to the users. In this seminar I will explore some aspects of the ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’ both at low level, e.g. data triage at the beamline or blurring the interfaces between experiment and simulation, and high level, e.g. organisation or funding.

Programme Agenda

The detailed agenda is in the LINXS website LINXS Guest Seminar - Robert McGreevy — LINXS



LINXS at Ideon Delta 5
5-5-1 - Main Seminar Room
The workshop will also be available online

No fee 

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