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We want to wish you welcome to the 1st Workshop from LINXS Membrane Protein Working Group. taking place digitally on Zoom.

The Membrane Protein Working Group is dedicated to explore the unique challenges involved in research on the structural biology of membrane proteins. Our first, "Structural Resolution of Membrane Proteins: From Expression to Sample Preparation'' workshop will focus specifically on three areas: expression systems, sample preparation and quality control. 


The aim is to provide expert overview about different platforms for recombinant protein productions and purification strategies for crystallography techniques. Overcoming low yield expression, misfolded proteins and difficulties in purifying stable functional proteins are among the most common bottlenecks delaying structural characterization. We invite scientists to introduce their best practices in these subjects in order to provide greater knowledge and knowledge transfer on how best to deal with these challenges.


We hope to engage the attendance from PhD students and postdocs from a range of disciplines, as well as more senior researchers. We are encouraging participants, and especially PhD students, to consider presenting their research in a contributed talk (call for abstracts) and also to promote lively discussions. 


Please find a more detailed schedule under Timetable, with abstracts from the speakers.

Day 1:

  • Workshop aims and scope of the general problem

  • Membrane Protein Expression
    - Comparison of different expression systems 
    - Success stories vs trouble-shooting problem areas, trial and error

  • Confirmed speakers:
    Roslyn Bill (Aston University) - Recombinant membrane protein production in microbial hosts
    David Drew (Stockholm University) - An yeast GFP-based platform for functional and structures investigation of SLC transporters
    Joseph Lyons (Aarhus University) - Preparation of lipid flippases for cryo-EM studies

Day 2:

  • Sample Preparation, Quality Control
    - Membrane solubilization and other preparation methods

  • Confirmed speakers:
    Arjan Snijder (AstraZeneca) - Membrane protein purification and application in drug discovery
    Christopher G. Tate (Cambridge University) - Whipping GPCRs into shape for structure determination

In the autumn we will continue further on topics about membrane protein crystallization techniques, Cryo-EM or neutron structures, scattering techniques and well-diffracting crystals.

Where: Online, a zoom link will be provided just before the event
When: May 25-26 (noon-to-noon) CET 
Abstract submission deadline: 6th May 2021
Registration deadline: 20th May 2021


Roslyn Bill - Aston University, UK
Jan H Driller - Aarhus University, Denmark
Kristina Hedfalk - Gothenburg University, Sweden
David Drew - Stockholm University, Sweden
Cassie Sims - Lund University, Sweden
Julie Tucker - University of York, UK
Joseph Lyons - Aarhus University, Denmark
Charlott Stock - Aarhus University, Denmark
Arjan Snijder - AstraZeneca
Swati Aggarwal - ESS, Sweden
Vikram Dalal - Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Christopher G. Tate - Cambridge University
LineMarie Christiansen - Aarhus University, Denmark
Jörgen Ådén - Umeå University, Sweden


During our events we sometimes take photographs and short film clips to profile our activities. Please let us know if you don’t want to be in any photos/films before we start the event. Some talks are recorded to be used for educational purposes in the LINXS website.

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Digital meeting on Zoom

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