7-8 December 2021
Europe/Stockholm timezone

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The Membrane Protein Working Group is dedicated to explore the unique challenges involved in research on the structural biology of membrane proteins. In our first online workshop in May 2021, we discussed several aspects of expression systems, protein purification, membrane solubilization and other preparation methods. Our winter workshop is the continuation to further explore topics related to the “Structural Resolution of Membrane Proteins: From Sample Preparation to Structural Resolution”.

The production of high-quality membrane protein crystals is always very challenging so we continue to cover more topics like multi-protein complexes, detergent trials and crystallization strategies such as LCP and Hi-LIDE. We will also invite scientists to introduce their best practices on Cryo-EM or neutron structures, scattering techniques, and data collection and processing.

In the spring we welcomed more than 200 participants from PhD students to senior researchers from a range of disciplines. Due to the new directions of the corona situation we have now decided to make this event fully digital as well. We kindly ask PhD students and postdocs to submit a short abstract if they are interested in giving a short talk. 

Where: on Zoom
When: December 7th – 8th (noon-to-noon) CET 2021
Abstract submission deadline: 25th November 2021
Registration deadline: 1st December 2021
Workshop fee: Digital participation - No fee

Preliminary Programme

Day 1: Sample Preparation, Quality Control

  • Multi-protein complexes, lipid-protein / enzyme-ligand interactions, orphan receptors

  • Membrane solubilization and other preparation methods

  • Detergent trials and functional characterization

  • Crystallisation techniques such as LCP and Hi-LIDE

  • Confirmed speakers: Maria Marta Garcia Alai (EMBL, Hamburg), Petra Fromme (Arizona State University), Gisela Brändén (University of Gothenburg),

Day 2: Output/Structural Resolution

  • Serial crystallography

  • Electron diffraction

  • X-ray/Neutron scattering, X-ray crystallography for large proteins

  • Data collection and processing, molecular dynamics and new softwares

  • SEC-SAXS to study MP-detergent interaction

  • Confirmed speakers: Christian Löw (EMBL Hamburg), Alessandra Luchini (PSI), Erik Lindahl (Stockholm University)


During our events we sometimes take photographs and short film clips to profile our activities. Please let us know if you don’t want to be in any photos/films before we start the event. Some talks are recorded to be used for educational purposes in the LINXS website.

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This is a digital meeting

Digital participation - No fee 


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