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The workshop “Integrative Structural Biology Centre Initiative” will be held online on the 18th of February between 9-12 am. This workshop is for invited researchers identified as Principal Investigators at Lund University within the field of structural biology. There are ongoing discussions within the university on how the university can best benefit from the large facilities (MAX IV and ESS) and also regarding what parts of the university will move to the new campus at Brunnshög. In these discussions, the establishment of a structural biology center at the Science Village Scandinavia (SVS) has come up as an idea. Thus, we are now inviting you for an informal, open discussion about the possibilities of the establishment of an Integrative Structural Biology Center at SVS.
The workshop will have both invited speakers from other structural biology centers in Europe to share their experiences, as well as plenty of time for discussions, both within smaller groups and in the larger group. Because of this, it is important for us to get a conformation from you if you can attend the full meeting, or only part of it, as we will try to make the small-group discussion as fruitful as possible. So please make sure to mark this in the registration form.

The registration deadline is Friday, Feb 5. 

08:45-08:50  Welcome by ISB core group
08:50-09:10  Dr. Andrea Thorn, HARBOR, Universität Hamburg
09:10-09:30  Prof. Montserrat Soler Lopez, ESRF/PSB, Grenoble
09:30-09:50  Prof. Martin Hällberg, CSSB, Hamburg
09:50-10:00  BREAK
10:00-10:20  Prof. Marco Marcia, EMBL/PSB, Grenoble
10:20-10:30  Information about the Nordic EMBL Initiative
10:30-11:30  Breakout room discussion
11:30-11:55  Common discussion
11:55-12:00  Summary by ISB core group


/The Lund ISBC working group-
Karin Lindkvist, Susanna Horsefield, Trevor Forsyth, Thomas Ursby and Christine Ziegler.  



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