21-22 November 2019
Europe/Stockholm timezone

This workshop is aimed  to those who wish to learn about fibre structure analyses; wish to discuss existing and novel experimental approaches; and established/developed methodology/analyses.

Area and Aims of the workshop:  Amyloid diseases are caused by aggregation of proteins and their accumulation as amyloid fibrils in cells and tissues. Much research is focused on understanding the basic biology of amyloidosis, and how it relates to disease aetiology. Integrative structural biology is an integral part in order to achieve this but also very challenging. The workshop will therefore address several aspects of amyloid structure analysis ranging from sample preparation, over amyloid fibre diffraction and complementary methods such as single particle cryoEM, to data collection and modelling. The workshop will discuss how different methods and length scales in the structure analyses can be bridged, and also how in vitro and in vivo specimens are linked.  As is described below, the workshop will be composed of five sessions that will address the different topics

Who should participate: The workshop wishes to bring together researchers from different scientific areas to discuss existing and novel experimental approaches to determine amyloid structures. The participants may have specific knowledge in methodology that relates to the different topics, or may have a specific biological or medical research question that can be addressed by structure analysis methods.   

Format: Meeting is divided into four major and connected topics. Each topic is introduced by a keynote speaker and followed by 2-3 contributed talks/scientific question/solution descriptions. The topic is then open for discussions and summary.

Deadline for registration is October 30.

  • Registration should include short motivation letter (max half a page) on why attending the meeting. Please specify your science case/methodology and which session(s) that are of highest interest for you, and if you are willing to contribute with a short talk. This information will be used to make the final program. (send in the letter under Call for Abstracts)
  • We also ask the participant to send us questions prior to the meeting that you would wish to have addressed, and that can be discussed during the meeting.

Date: Nov 21 and 22, 2019
Place: LINXS, 5th floor, Scheelevägen 19, Lund, Sweden
Number of Participants: up to 50 participants


Vittorio Bellotti - University of Pavia, Italy
Title of talk: Solving the structure of natural amyloid fibrils: 60 years of progress
Francesca Lavatelli University of Pavia, Italy
Title of talk: Preparation of natural amyloid fibrils: strategies and pitfalls
Theyencheri Narayanan - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
Title of talk: New opportunities for X-ray fiber diffraction with extremely brilliant synchrotrons.
Marcus Fändrich - Ulm University, Germany
Title of talk: Purification and electron cryo-microscopy analysis of amyloid fibrils
Trevor Forsyth - Institut Laue Langevin, France/Keele University, UK
Title of talk: Bridging the gaps in amyloid characterisation – interdisciplinarity and multi-technique approaches.

Workshop room, 5th floor
Scheelevägen 19 223 70 Lund

Workshop Fee: 400 SEK and 200 SEK for PhD students and Postdocs

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