Roundtable discussion "AI in structural biology, x-ray and neutron science"

Room 105 (Palaestra)

Room 105


Paradisgatan 4, 223 50 Lund

Welcome to a roundtable discussion on "AI in structural biology, x-ray and neutron science". The discussion is a part of the larger event: AI Nordic Powwow ( on May 23. It is co-hosted by AIML@LU

The aim at the roundtable discussion is the following:

  1. Where is AI used in X-ray and neutron-related research today? What are the remaining challenges connected to those areas?

  2. Which problems do we have in the x-ray/neutron field? Which of these can potentially be solved by AI and which of these are the most urgent to look into?

Venue: Room 105 at Palaestra

For practical questions, please contact:
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