17-18 June 2019
Math annex
Europe/Stockholm timezone

X-ray and neutron imaging provide opportunities to ‘see’ into generally opaque soil systems and have great potential to address important research questions in soil and, more generally, environmental sciences. Major challenges for humanity, such as climate change (CO2 storage) or food and water scarcity, could be tackled as a result.

This international 1.5-day workshop aims to introduce new expertise to the community of soil scientists, namely in how X-ray and neutron imaging can be used as tools to address questions in their research, and to promote collaborations between soil and beamline scientists at institutions such as MAX IV and ESS.

Keynote speakers

Juergen Thieme (Brookhaven National Laboratory) - Micro- to nano- X-ray imaging of soil and related samples

Jeffrey Warren (Oak Ridge National Lab) - Soil-plant water relations with neutron imaging

Kristin Boye  (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) – Mechanisms behind contaminant behavior in below-ground heterogeneous redox environments

Sascha Oswald (Potsdam University) – Soil-plant water relations with neutron imaging

Daniel Uteau Puschmann (University of Kassel) - Synchrotron based X-ray CT

Derek Peak (University of Saskatchewan) – Synchrotron based X-ray microscopy and spectroscopy of phosphate, metal-ligand complexes in soils

Math annex
MA 3
Sölvegatan 20

Workshop Fee: 800 SEK and 400 SEK for PhD students and Postdocs

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