BigScience@LU – addressing the need of academic input in building and maintaining Big Science facilities!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 - 08:40
LINXS at Ideon Delta 5 (Workshop room, 5th floor)

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24 Apr 2019
09:00 --- Registration: Coffee & sandwich ---
09:30 Stephen Hall, LINXS Director; Welcome & LINXS (up- and downstream)   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
09:40 Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden “the overall picture” & facilities’ needs   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
09:50 Mats Lindroos, ESS, Facilities Needs   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
10:05 Stacey Sörensen, LU Pro-Vice Chancellor for infrastructure; Strategy on Big Science   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
10:30 --- Coffee & Fruit ---
11:00 Anders Oskarsson, Professor Particle Physics   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
11:15 Carlos Martins, Lecturer, EIT & Section Leader, ESS (together with AQ automatic) 2 examples of Academic delivery to facilities   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
11:30 Anders J Johansson, Lecturer EIT   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
11:45 Natasa Pahlm, ILO officer, VINNOVA   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
12:00 Leif Eriksson, Vetenskapsrådet   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
12:15 --- Lunch ---
Workshop (5 topics @ 20 min each) fika med på WS borden (until 15:00) (Workshop room, 5th floor)
15:00 Martin Stankovski, LU Coordinator Big Science Strategy - Concluding remarks   (Workshop room, 5th floor)
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